SAVOLDI SRL is specialised in the collection and recovery of recyclable waste, both urban and industrial, showing the greatest sensibility and respect for the ecosystem and covering an important role in environmental quality.

The recovery and management of waste glass play a fundamental role in this great project. This is why SAVOLDI SRL collects glass fragments on its own company premises.

The plant,situated in Albano S. Alessandro in the province of Bergamo, apart from collecting huge quantities of bottles, jars and similar, carries out an accurate selection of the glass items thanks to specialised sorting systems, specific equipment and the experience of the operators.

SAVOLDI SRL,thanks to the collaboration of authorised carriers, transports waste glass to special centres where it is disposed of according to current legal regulations. The company can boast excellent cooperation with the various municipalities in the programmed collection of waste glass to increase and guarantee that streets remain clean and tidy.

For companies processing metals, the “collection and correct management of ferrous waste”is an absolutely indispensable service.

Companies of all kinds that process metals have to manage a constant quantity of scraps and waste deriving from production. Ferrous waste and scrapsare generally of great encumbrance being composed of alloys and minerals that can be dangerous when dispersed in the environment. Thus the importance of an adequate solution to this type of disposal and appropriate management of the problem. Fundamental, therefore, the necessity to contact a partner company such as SAVOLDI SRL, specialised in the transport, storage and recovery of metal and ferrous waste. The company works in close collaboration with specialised staff with great experience and the necessary technical skillsto efficiently handle the machinery used in waste disposal. Hydraulic shears substantially reduce the volume of the waste material and are only one example of the machines used by the company. Other very useful systems employed in the SAVOLDI plant allow the selection of otherwise indistinct materials ensuring the greatest safety and efficiency in the recycling and disposal of waste.

Disposal of waste is an activity that implicates investment of a considerable sum of money. Companies and authorities can eliminate these costs from their budget by entrusting a company such as SAVOLDI SRL to take care of the collection and transport of scrap metal with special vehicles. Metal scraps consist of copper, bronze, brass, tin, zinc, lead, aluminium and steel. Steel, for example, is considered a “green” metal and therefore completely recyclable. Every sort of steel, infact, can be totally recovered, from stainless (inox) to all the special alloys.

This activity creates a virtuous cycle offering clients the advantage of disposing of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap, thus reducing environmental impact. At the same time, the recovery process returns the metals,now known as secondary raw materials, to the market, and sold at a price that oscillates according to precise daily quotations. Advantages are truly considerable as, for example, in the case of copper which has a wide range of uses.

Competent staff are responsible for the collection of waste paper from the premises of private companies, enterprises, public offices and commercial activities and delivery to our production plant. The collection of recyclable paper is regularly programmed according to the individual client’s needs, by emptying the caissons or containers provided for this purpose. These operations are carried out using trucks with compactors and roll on/off caissons.

The company has a huge shed for the storage and recovery of recyclable paper, both loose and in bales. Here the paper is sorted to separate the various types that can be pressed into bales. The recovery of recyclable paper is an extremely important operation and service allowing this waste material to be put to good use once more, thus resolving many of the environmental problems linked with paper. Total compliance with the relevant laws and principles of quality, as well as the experience gained in this sector and the professionalism dedicated to every single operation, have made SAVOLDI SRLa leader over the years in waste collection and management, and in recovery of paper and cardboard, assuming a role of great importance in recycling renewable resources.


Ferrous and non-ferrous metals, paper, glass and plastic are renewable resources.
Our priority is to recycle and return waste products to the production system, re-qualifying them and transforming them into new resources.
Guaranteeing them a second life.


Collection and recovery of recyclable materials allow us to reach our essential objectives: safeguard of the environment. We offer our clients the opportunity to deliver their production scraps to our company premises where they will be subjected to specific phases in recovery. Every step towards recycling is a step towards renewal.









SAVOLDI SRL is a leader in quality services for the environment. Thanks to all the experience gathered over the years, highly specialised staff, use of modern technologies and last-generation equipment, the company operates in the collection, transport, storage and commerce of recyclable materials deriving from industrial production scraps and demolitions. Thanks to special agreements and the collaboration of local town councils, SAVOLDI SRL collects recyclable materials and provides container services to third parties.