Why it is important to separate ceramics from glass

Ceramics and porcelain are two of the many materials often mistaken for glass and are thrown into the wrong dump boxes or containers.

The wrong conferment totally compromises the recycling process rendering fruitless the whole cycle of collection and separation.

The misunderstanding arises from the fact that porcelain does effectively contain glass but this is mixed with other components such as sand, ferrous oxides, quartz and clay, and therefore cannot be added to the glass contingent.

If we have to dispose of ceramic objects such as bases, plates, ornaments or other objects, in porcelain as well, we have to remember that they must be thrown into the dump box for non-differentiated waste and wrapped in paper or plastic bag for personal safety.

If everyone respects these tiny rules, it makes it easier for us to carry out our job but, above all, to guarantee a decidedly much higher percentage of success in recovering waste materials, and considerable savings both in ecological and economical terms which reflect on the community.

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