standard-title Caissons


Rental & Loan of caissons / press-containers / fixed station presses

To facilitate waste collection, we can offer a container rental service for collecting the raw materials at your premises. Various solutions are available:

  • Containers
  • Press-containers
  • Fixed station presses
  • Big bag
  • Dump boxes


Question: What documents do I need to be able to deliver to your plant?

You have to be authorised to transport that type of waste and possess the relative forms.

Question: What sort of caissons can you provide?

We are able to offer our clients a variety of roll on/off caissons, both covered and open, with rear, single or double side openings, of different heights and volumes. Further to caissons, we supply press-containers and fixed station presses, often preferred because they considerably reduce the volumes of waste materials.

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