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Who we are

SAVOLDI SRL operates in the collection, transport, storage and commerce of waste and as intermediary of non-hazardous special waste, urban waste and similar with particular reference to ferrous and no-ferrous metals, paper, glass, plastic and wood.


The company has proven experience in this sector, availing of trained staff and the use of the most modern technologies and equipment. This mix of knowledge, professionalism and means allows SAVOLDI SRL to achieve important performance results both in terms of efficient and efficacious processes and reduction of impact on the environment.

Our Management, by implementing an Integrated (Quality & Environment) Management System, intends to improve even further its performance in reducing environmental impact and optimizing internal processes to answer Clients’ expectations.


SAVOLDI SRL intends to achieve important results in safeguarding the environment and consolidating its position on the market. To reach these objectives, the company respects a number of values and principles considered fundamental:

  • Customer satisfaction;
  • Suppliers’ trust and collaboration;
  • Respect for legality and current laws;
  • Safeguard of the health and safety of staff;
  • Respect for the environment and its resources;
  • Interaction with local community and various public authorities.